Collective residences


From Sunday, 16 September 2018 to Thursday, 27 September 2018

Journalist and social communicator


Lucía Maina Waisman is an argentinean journalist and social communicator. She has a Master in Literary Journalism, Communication and Humanities from the Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona and a Bachelor´s degree in Social Communication from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina), where she is currently working as a Communications Coordinator in the Faculty of Arts. She is Editorial Coordinator in the art and culture magazine UN RATO. She has published articles about social and environmental issues in different magazines, newspapers and digital media in Argentina, Spain and Mexico. She won the Second MeCoPH Literary Journalism Award and published an non-fiction novel in the book “Ritmos para el paraíso” (2016). She has developed communicational projects for different institutions and NGOs.


Literary journalism is a great tool for addressing how certain communities and their territories are affected by the current context of globalization. I have been researching and writing for some time ​about local socio-environmental issues and their ​connection ​with​ particular aspects of global politics and economics. In this residency, I intend to continue working on this topic ​with a non-fiction novel about social conflicts that occurred in Cordoba, Argentina​. This conflicts were produced as the consequence​​s​ on health and ecology ​regarding ​ the development of ​industrial agriculture​. This. in turn, generated unprecedented measures in relation to citizen participation in current democracies.

Notícies, articles i activitats

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