Collective residencies / NEW JOURNALISM II / Olot


From Sunday, 23 September 2018 to Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Broadcaster, Student, Researcher


Don is a veteran broadcaster, student, and consultant with the Hamilton Media Group. He is committed to using all that comes with a career in media, as well as what he is learning at Simon Fraser University as he completes his master’s degree to help effect positive social change.

He is interested in the relationship between media, art, culture, and our interconnectedness with each other, the world we share, and learning the art of how to ask beautiful questions.  

Don is a strong supporter of community organisations and has served on the boards of Variety the Children’s Charity, PFLAG, the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation as well as the Deans Advisory Board at the University of British Columbia.  

Research and Teaching Interests include media & communication, depth psychology, philosophy, climate change, environmental justice, peacebuilding, ecological sustainability, social geography, art, and culture.


As a broadcaster and student of media, I have learned that the best conversations are those where the ability to listen and to ask generous questions brings out the best in those asking, as well as those answering. Being able to move beyond a public discourse of certainty or absolutism and understanding why achieving common ground does not have to be the goal. A beautiful question then is an ambitious yet actionable question that can begin to shift the way we feel, perceive or think about something—and that might serve as a catalyst to bring about positive personal and social change as we share the stories of our time.  This project will allow me to explore new departure points within conversations and build bridges to more engaged storytelling and narrative based inquiry. This project strives to illuminate the heart of an issue or point of view, and that place between science, fact, and embedded beliefs.

Faber Overview

Whether news about our climate charged with the impending apocalypse or politically and socially charged events that challenge our cultural and tribal beliefs, they are all part of a shrinking and challenging media landscape. My invitation to join the Faber Residency in October allowed an opportunity for me to explore our public forums in the New Journalism II Program. Olot is the perfect setting nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees where the past and present meet encouraging discussions about our future.

I was fortunate to be among an amazing group of journalists from varying disciplines all working on fascinating multimedia projects. They ranged from exploring censorship, ethics, the Salvadoran Civil War, adulthood, freedom of expression and human rights, to stories of love, the relationship between the Spanish colonial era and Catalonia, a documentary about the women of Reina Amalia, social conflicts in Argentina, the role of women in photography, and how to grow and strengthen the “SomAtents” collective who are developing new platforms for communication as they build an independent news organization.

If democracy begins in conversation, then we need to find new ways to nurture a culture where ordinary people routinely talk about those things that help us understand each other whether about our climate, race, religion, gender, or politics. The Faber Residency is a life-changing program that encourages these deeper conversations to build bridges in our public forums. I am honoured to have been able to work with such a talented group and such a wonderful team that had the vision and passion for creating this important program. I encourage anyone looking for a heartfelt and challenging experience to apply!

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