Collective residencies / ARCHIVISTICS / Olot


From Tuesday, 23 April 2019 to Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Auditor and Senior Researcher


Geert-Jan van Bussel (1960) is a consultant, researcher, and auditor, specialized in information governance, digital archiving, and complicance. He is a leading auditor of records management and archiving standards (ISO 15489, ISO 16175, ISO 23081, ISO 16363 and the Dutch standard NEN 2082). As a strategic consultant he is asked for assistance by many (international) business organizations and government agencies. He is Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and an Assistant Professor at the University of Amsterdam. He is a visiting lecturer at several universities in Europe. He is a (keynote) speaker on many (international) seminars and conferences, mostly on the effects and influence of information processing and information management on people’s work. He published more than hundred papers and four books on business processes, governance, auditing, compliance and digital archiving.


Organizational Behaviour is very important for Enterprise Information Management and Archiving, but it is neglected within the archival science literature. My project is trying to find an answer on two essential questions about behaviour in organizations, which need to be answered in a chapter of a book I am writing at the moment. Those questions are about [1] the constituents of (organizational) behaviour that affect archiving, and [2] the contextualizing of that behaviour by archivists when capturing records and archives. In my project I want to do a theoretical analysis of scientific literature, especially concerning management science, psychology and psychiatry.

It will enrich your life and your ideas

A Faber Residence is a unique experience. Its location in a wonderful hotel with an exceptional view on the surroundings and the nearness of a small but nice town make it into a wonderful place to work. Although those same characteristics are making it difficult to stay focussed, because there is a lot to see and a lot to experience. Olot is a place with a lot of history, especially because it is in the centre of an old volcanic region. There is lot that remembers of that history and a visit to the volcanic museum is ‘the thing-to-do’. But the most inspiring part of a Faber Residence is the discussions, talks and laughs with other residents, to hear about their projects, their presentations and their personal life. I got to know some wonderful people, specialists in their fields that all have contributed a lot to make me enjoy this stay very much. I learned a lot and I hope my fellow residents learned something from me. I only can recommend a stay. It will enrich your life and your ideas and opinions about your profession, about your (scientific) work, and on how to be pragmatic. And let’s not forget, Fabers exceptional people: Francesc Serés with his wonderful stories about his experiences in life and the very wise lessons he learns his residents, and Gavina Freixa, who was always there and facilitates everything with extreme care.

Did I finish the work I intended to do? Not everything: this week was too short for that, but I did a lot. Much more than I could have done ‘at home’, because there is always something else to do. I will come back, one day. I still have to finish a manuscript. There is no better place to edit a manuscript than the inspiring environment of Faber…

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