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From Tuesday, 23 April 2019 to Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Archivist and PhD researcher


She is graduated in History and in Archival Science, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Information Science. By the end of the Master’s Degree course, her dissertation was awarded with a Special Mention by the Archival Science Teaching and Research Forum [Fórum Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa em Arquivologia]. Currently, she is PhD researcher. She has professional and research experiences in Archival Science, Museology and History. She works as a public agent in the Federal Center of Technological Education Celso Suckow [Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca], where she took up a post as Archivist. During her professional career, she has worked in public and private archives through different institutions.


During my stay at Faber, I plan to focus in the development process of my Doctorate Thesis. My research aims to elaborate a critical diagnosis of social place of the archivist, the archivistic institutions and the Archival Science in Brazil’s public information access regime. From the diagnosed opportunities and obstacles, I intend to critically propose an archival visibility emancipatory orientation in Brazil, pursuing Archivists, archives and Archival Science’s political, social and cultural affirmation. The importance of my study consists of a debate, defending the information access, focusing on archive documents and record management, while highlighting the role of the archives institution, professional and Archival Science’s contribution.

A wonderful time

The residency’s “Archives and Information Governance” was a wonderful time to organize my studies, share my research, and learn from the work of other residents. I have also been able to exchange professional experiences with colleagues from other countries who, like me, also work in university archives.

In addition, the residence allowed me to move to a beautiful city with very receptive people. But my movement was not just geographic. This occasion also allowed me to move positively in the intellectual and emotional spheres. I met some amazing people, who I hold in my heart, willing to encourage and collaborate with colleagues.

Faber has provided an environment conducive to the study and to the socialization of residents in an excellent hotel, which stands out, among other things, for wonderful food and very friendly staff.

I would like to express my sincere and eternal thanks to all of Faber’s staff (especially Francesc Serés, Gavina Freixa and Pau), to all the resident colleagues and to the Associació d’Arxivers – Gestors de Documents de Catalunya.

I thanks also to all the people in Brazil who helped me to realize this dream: my family, my English teachers and the archival professor José Maria Jardim, who divulged in my country, through social networks, this residence.

This residence will be historically archived in my memory!

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