Collective residencies / ROBOTICS II / Olot


From Friday, 10 May 2019 to Sunday, 12 May 2019

Teacher and Software developer
Ibi (Alicant)


Juan José López studied computer science and Electronic system development in Alicante.

He started developing software applications for some companies and as a hobby while he was studying at the university. 

He teaches computer science, electronics and robotics since 2008 in Salesianos Juan XXIII Alcoy.

He loves programming. He uses visual programming tools with students to improve their programming skills. 


He is the  platform developer. ArduinoBlocks is a platform for programming Arduino in a visual way. It is implemented over the Blockly engine and the platform helps students to learn programming principles without coding. Students only have to arrange blocks and think how algorithms works and how to implement them without spending time learning code. ArduinoBlocks has a lot of features for teachers and it is mainly oriented to schools. Students and teachers cand share, rate or help eachother in the platform. It is not only a programming tool; this is a social network around Arduino programming too. He started this platform for their students and he opened it to all the world later. He spends a lot of his free time apart of teaching improving the tool and preparing documentation and resources.

Notícies, articles i activitats

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