Collective residencies / THE FUTURE OF CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS / Olot


From Friday, 27 September 2019 to Friday, 4 October 2019

Associate Professor of Art History
Los Angeles


Jane Chin Davidson an art historian and exhibition curator whose research focuses on global exhibitions, transnationalism, performance, and Chinese identity in contemporary art. She currently serves on the editorial board of College Art Association’s Art Journal and in Women of Color Leadership project for National Women’s Studies Association. An associate professor at California State University, San Bernardino, she was awarded Outstanding Faculty Scholarship in 2019. Her book Staging Art and Chineseness: Politics of Trans/Nationalism and Global Expositions (University of Manchester Press) will be released in December 2019; and her co-edited book Global and World Art in the Practice of the University Museum was published by Routledge Museum Studies series in 2017. She completed her BA at Reed College and her PhD at the University of Manchester where she received the Postgraduate of Year Award.  Her curated exhibitions include Setting the Table: The 30th Anniversary of Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party at the University of Houston (2011).


My project addresses the future of representing cultures in museums. The production of knowledge that informs the institution’s classificatory order began in the 19th century colonial era of empire building and the collecting of art and artefacts. Ever since, the question as to why Native-American objects, for instance, should be considered as works of anthropology while European objects are represented as art has been firmly answered by the curatorial contexts of museums. Today, the classifications are being rethought and challenged by curators and historians of art and anthropology. My project looks at how institutions are meeting challenges, implementing new knowledges.

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