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From Monday, 28 October 2019 to Friday, 8 November 2019

Equality and Diversity Manager, National Touring Theater (Sweden)


Yamam is currently the Equality and diversity manager at the National Touring Theatre of Sweden (Riksteatern). He is specialized in equality and diversity, working with Swedish and EU legal and policy framework, as well as diversity management and with a background in equality data research. He has a master’s degree in Decision, risk, and policy analyses (Stockholm University). 

Working previously at the Swedish Equality Ombudsman, Yamam has worked with monitoring equality law, as well as with investigating discrimination cases in employment. He is the investigator behind the first successful discrimination case in the Swedish Industrial Tribunal involving two discrimination grounds (gender and age). Yamam is the author of the Swedish National Equality Data study.


I am currently working on a book about the history of equality law legislation in Sweden. I am specifically interested in the (lack of) use of equality data in positive measures legislation in relation to racial discrimination as opposite to gender discrimination. 

Faber Residency is a great opportunity for me to exchange ideas with other specialists discussing specifically the difference between the rights approach to policy as opposite to charity approach. I hope to learn from the other participants but hopefully also contribute with my knowledge and experience.

Quality time

Being at Faber residency has been an exceptional experience for me. What makes Faber unique is the combination of the quiet environment that allows you to fully commit to your research and the possibility to still be a part of a small community of people with similar interests, no matter if it is research or arts they work with.  Discussions and exchange of ideas with the other residents has been very helpful to my work, enhancing the re-thinking and adding new perspectives. 

Easy access to nature, flawless accommodation, service and information from day one makes this residency unique. And there are no words to describe the kindness and hospitality of the Faber team. 

Staying at Faber residency to work on your project is a privilege, all time spent here is exclusively quality time.  

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