Collective residencies / DIVERSITY POLICIES / Olot


From Wednesday, 23 October 2019 to Thursday, 7 November 2019



Kasimma Chinelo Okani is a fulltime prose writer and an ardent reader. She is very interested in history. How did her ancestors live? How did they survive without the internet and mobile phones? What were their beliefs? Then she compares it to now. She believes that books are the windows through which the future generation can gaze at how we are living now. She believes that stories—and in general, writing—is one of the best tools in the war against evil.

Apart from listening to jazz and jumping up in the middle of the night to pen down inspirations, Kasimma draws inspirations for her stories from the happenings in the world and dialogue.

She has actively participated in Ebedi hills, Nigeria; SAIL, Lebanon; SSDA flow workshop, Nigeria; Thread, Senegal; and IWP lines and Spaces tour, Nigeria. Her works and articles are published in online magazines and journals.


During my stay at Faber, I shall also churn out some short stories about Olot. Meeting with other writers is always a thing of joy because there is so much to be learned by interaction. Most importantly, I shall concentrate on rewriting my novel. It is a story about a lady who accepted a bet to make the betrothed king of Agbor fall in love with her—but she unexpectedly falls in love with him.

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