Collective residences


From Monday, 8 November 2021 to Friday, 12 November 2021

Associate Professor


Narcís Iglésias is Associate Professor in the Department of Philology and Communication at the University of Girona, where he teaches history of the Catalan language and communication. He also has been lecturer of Catalan Language in the Université de Paris-IV-La Sorbonne (1997-1999) and he received a predoctoral research scholarship the years 1994-1997. Regarding his research, he has published several studies devoted to the standardization of the contemporary Catalan Language and to the comparative history of linguistic ideas related to processes of standardization of Romance languages. Over the last few years, his research interests have encompassed sociolinguistics and cultural history, by focusing on speakers and their language in different contexts, such as the Catalan writers during the republican exile or the Italian migration to the United States. His most recent area of research has been.


During my stay at Faber I aim to study discourses about language diversity, specifically about the languages in Spain, and the monolingualism created by politicians and intellectuals during the Spanish Transition. This will contribute to the completion of some research I started a few years ago into the creation of public opinion regarding language diversity. Until now I have devoted my research to the role of the press and at Faber I aim to analyse the discourse of politicians and intellectuals.

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