Collective residencies / THEATRE / Olot


From Monday, 2 March 2020 to Sunday, 8 March 2020

Actress, Director and Theatre Maker


Gina Batlle i Oliva (Barcelona, 1995) graduated in Professional theatrical performance techniques in el Timbal, Barcelona and, afterwards in Advanced Theatre and Performance in LISPA, Berlin. 

She is an actress, director, theatre maker, and she had also been Opera singer who had been working in Barcelona, Berlin and India. She likes to use a surrealistic and image based language in her work, searching the non-sense in defined concepts.


In this residency I would like to work in the short piece that we created with the collective in order to be able to create a longer and more defined play which can open up spaces of dialogue and exchanging of points of view and that could be represented in different places and formats. 

During the process I’m interested in creating new material with the use of games, theatrical techniques, movement patterns and text. 

Doing, also, research of the theme we want to work on and getting to know stories that can help us to fit in the play as well as shearing experiences with the group and with external people (who work in the area or internationally).


We are very glad and thankful that we had the chance to be a part of this amazing Faber family, for one week.

It was a week full of creativity , excitement and joy. Our theatre devised project, grew these days and transformed. Our work, based in physicality, improvisation and collective creation was  helped by the trustful atmosphere of Faber and of Pepa and Gavina who were really supportive.

We also had the opportunity to meet new people, new artists and shared with them, through workshops, our work tools and our enthusiasm for theatre.

The first group were inspiring teenagers from “L’escola municipal d’expressió d’Olot” with whom we had the pleasure to also get to know them way of working and expressing. The second group was amazing professional artists, teachers and students from  “EL  Galliner, centre de formació teatral – Agt”. It was a really nice chance to learn from them seeing the interesting shapes and ways they were taking up our “instructions” , a really beautiful experience to see and to share.

In addition we also had the pleasure to share our work with the great actress and pedagogue Anna Aumatell, based in Olot who gave us really useful feedback for our piece as well as a view about how is the theatre sector in the town and her experience.  

All of this activities where a really nice chance to build bridges between us and this area of Catalonia, empowering and making us wanting to come back and discover deeper the cultural sector here.

Also,the beautiful landscape of La Garrotxa, couldn't be more present for us this week. The rose in the sky when the sun was going down, the clouds, the stable bleu mountains...but also the people of the “Hotel Riu Fluvià” was there for us make us feel more than welcome, every day.

Faber residency, gave to us, Kein Komplot collective, a good push for continuing our work. We are keeping this trust and these beautiful moments close to our hearts and we reallye hope to meet again soon.

 Kein Komplot collective

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