Collective residences


From Tuesday, 13 October 2020 to Friday, 23 October 2020

Poet and translator


​Laia Llobera is a Catalan poet, translator and literary critic. She obtained a degree in Translation and Interpreting (2004) and a doctorate on Catalan Literature (2015) from the Universitat Autònoma in Barcelona.

Llobera is the author of the collections Cicles (2009), Més enllà dels grills (2011), Certesa de la llum (2014), Boscana (2018) and Llibre de revelacions (2020).

In recognition of her work, she has received various awards including the Pare Colom Mediterranian Poetry Prize (from Mallorca) and the Maria Oleart Prize. Her poems have been featured in several anthologies, including: Mig segle de poesia catalana: del Maig del 68 al 2018 (A Half Century of Catalan Poetry) and has been translated into Italian, Spanish and English.

Nature and mysticism are major themes in her books, and she is consequently considered one of the most important contemporary Catalan naturalist poets.


During my stay at Faber’s residence, I would like to work on a new project related to the sacred dimension of nature, focusing on nature as a theophany.

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