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From Tuesday, 13 October 2020 to Friday, 23 October 2020

University teacher, writer, translator, researcher


Jorge Riechmann (Madrid, 1962) is a neighbor of Cercedilla (Sierra de Guadarrama). Essayist, he writes poetry, acts on issues of social ecology and teaches moral and political philosophy in Madrid (UAM). Two extensive sections of his poetry are brought together in Futuralgia (poetry 1979 to 2000, Calambur 2011) and Entreser (poetry 1993 to 2007, Monte Ávila 2013). His most recent poetry books are Himnos craquelados (Calambur, 2015), Ars nesciendi (Amargord, 2018), Grafitis para neandertales (Eolas, 2019) and Mudanza del isonauta- Enkráteia (Tusquets, in press). His most recent essays include Autoconstrucción (Catarata, 2015), ¿Derrotó el smartphone al movimiento ecologista? (Catarata, 2016), Ética extramuros (eds. UAM, 2016), ¿Vivir como buenos huérfanos? (Catarata, 2017), Ecosocialismo descalzo (Icaria, 2018) and Otro fin del mundo es posible (MRA eds., 2019). His blog:


I am writing an essay on ecological ethics entitled: Symbioetics: Homo sapiens in the fabric of life. 

My intention would be to finish it during my staying at Faber. The index, as currently thought, is as follows:

Preface: Ethics to avoid the worst

1. We need thinking outside the walls

2. Does nature not exist?

3. Does it make sense to continue evoking transitions to sustainable industrial societies?

4. Ethics for sustainability as a Gaian ethic

5. Conscious life that wants to live in the midst of other lives that want to live

6. Symbioetics: Homo sapiens in the fabric of life

7. Are we too many? Reflections on the population question

8. An out-of-context ethical utopia: positive animalist intervention in nature

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