Estades temàtiques / DANSA II / Olot


Del 20 de març de 2018 al 28 de març de 2018

Photographer and Video maker
Spain and Argentina


Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) Tristán studied at the School of Photographic Art of Avellaneda. Based in Barcelona since 2000, he was part of the Finmatun Cultural Association, providing video, photography and dance film workshops in prisons (2006-2011). Specializing in photography and videography for contemporary dance and performing arts since 2007, he is part of the La Caldera team since 2011, part of BIDE

(Barcelona International Dance Exchange) team, a networking and exchange platform for professional choreographers, dancers and artists since 2012 and part of La Visiva (centre of creation) since 2017. Tristán has worked and collaborated with many different companies, creators, choreographers, festivals, theaters and cultural institutions in Catalonia, Spain, Italy, France and New York and Newfoundland in North America.


The project is the same for all of the residents of Dance period: Léxico, understanding in the unknown. An international collaboration between dance artists who speak different languages to create a new performance together.

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