Individual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 3 June 2024 to Monday, 10 June 2024


Dr. Tyuftin (Velichkovsky) has a broad range interests in Arts and Sciences. Andrey received his PhD degree in Chemistry. After he took on R&D position in packaging industry where he was developing packaging materials for several R&D projects for transnational brands. After 4 years Andrey won a postdoctoral position at National University of Ireland and later became a Research Fellow. There his research was focused on smart packaging materials. He published 25 research papers and reviews including two book chapters.

At the same time Andrey finished an art school, courses in drawings and descriptive geometry and oil painting. Andrey participated at local and International art and photographic exhibitions and contests. He received 1st place awards on different exhibitions. Andrey is interested in Art and Science, scientific approaches for Artwork creation and artistic exploration of science, he prepared a course lectures in Art and Science which were adopted by the art school and started writing his book devoted to Art and Science.


Dr. Tyuftin is going to complete writing one of his Art and Science (Scientism) as a new art style book chapters. He is going to include a worshop-presentation for artists and researchers about Art and Science. In the presentation will be included the following:

- Sculpture. In several slides will be represented top recognised sculptors working in small and large sculpture who apply for the creation of their objects Maths, Chemistry, Sound, Biology, Nanosclupture.

- Visual arts. Artists who apply different scientific disciplines including light and biochemistry approaches for creation of their masterpieces; Painters who apply scientific knowledge for example astronomy or quantum physics in their artwork and ask questions about science and philosophy in their work; Photographers working with X-rays, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM); Illustrators who represent scientific knowledge through art for top popular journals working with computer graphics for Nanoletters, Science, Nature journals.

- Art and science in the fashion industry. Topic includs designers who apply and disseminate scientific knowledge through art;

He also will discuss a part about the psychology of art and science to which he devoted time to searching for literature and psychologists in order to analyse himself, and what affects our brains to catalyse these topics.

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