Collective residencies / Researching war and theatre in the current scene / Olot


From Monday, 16 October 2023 to Monday, 23 October 2023

Full professor at Universitat de Còrsega, Institut National Supérieur du Professeur et de l'Education (INSPE)


Fabienne Crastes completed her PhD in Roman languages and literature at the University of Perpignan and is currently a senior lecturer at the INSPE (Institut National Supérieur du Professeur et de l'Education) of the Università di Corsica. She is a member of the LISA laboratory (Lieux, Identités, eSpaces et Activités) of the Università and of the CRAE (Centre de Recerca en Arts Escèniques) of the UAB. In recent years she has focused her research on contemporary Catalan drama as an alternative space for reflection on the construction of identity, the relationship to the other and the various forms of power exercised in our societies. She specializes in the themes of cultural confrontation, the integration of the voices of the margin and particularly in female theatrical figures in the Mediterranean area. She has also worked on the notion of border in its spatial and metaphorical dimensions, as well as in its linguistic dimensions with translation projects.


My research on the theme of war in French drama and in French-speaking drama of the 21st century made me first wonder about the “elsewhere” in war from a double perspective, which is both spatial and temporal (war: which wars? WW1 and WW2, the Lebanese civil war, the numerous conflicts in the Balkans...). My corpus of analysis will mainly focus on three authors -Laurent Gaudé, Matei Vişniec, Wajdi Mouawad- as well as on the recent creation of various collective works questioning in particular the link(s) existing with the Algerian war and colonization.

During my stay at Faberllul Olot I will give a talk on the development of research on political violence in contemporary Italian theatre. I will lead one of the reading groups on a text chosen in relation to the topic studied and, among other activities, I will participate in a debate on the theoretical references. With the whole group, we will form the basis for the construction of the International Network of Theater Researchers of Latin America and Europe.

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