Collective residencies / Screenplay development lab-I-b / Olot


From Monday, 22 May 2023 to Friday, 26 May 2023



With a Bachelor's degree in Directing from ESCAC, her main interest lies in editing, a speciality in which she has developed her professional career through online communication media, advertising agencies and video clips. Her short film Ver (2016), made at ESCAC, was shown in the screenings FIRE!! and Directed by Women. Several pieces of hers such as AMVJ (2017), Olé, ya sale la luna (2021) and Sigo en la Playa (2021), have also been featured in Cultura Film (Revista Filmada) and El vídeo del minut, and have been screened at the CCCB, Zumzeig and Cineteca de Madrid.


I will work on my project titled Vi la noche que nunca se acaba. After learning of the death of her brother Eligio, Rosa travels alone to her hometown in Galicia to take care of the house and the cows that belonged to its former inhabitant, leaving behind a city she doesn't feel she belongs to. There, she will relive past experiences and gain a better understanding of a village that seems frozen in time.

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