Collective residencies / The purple meridians / Olot


From Wednesday, 15 June 2022 to Friday, 17 June 2022

Student at Istanbul University Art History Department
Kurdistan (Turkey)


Born in Diyarbakır in 1994. She lives in Istanbul. She graduated from Istanbul Kultur University Radio and Television Department in 2015. She continues her education in Istanbul University Art History Department.

Assistant director in Doğu Yakası by Harun Durmuş, she also worked in Ozan Çağlar’s Film Mersin, Orçun Benlinin’s Film Ver Kaç, Emre Akay’s Film AV theHunt, Yücel Yolcunun Movie Kafalar Karışık, Mecit Güvenin’s Documentary Series Legends of War, Hissen Hassan’s film, BukaBarane, Gıtta Gsell’s film Beyto, Recep Bozgöz’s Film Enden Korkmana Gerek Yok, Arin İnan Aslan’s film Beder.


I participate in the project "The Purple Meridians", an international meeting with 16 female filmmakers from different countries (Catalonia, Kurdistan, Italy, Greece), to discuss the difficulties faced by professionals with a female identity and non-binary people in the film and audiovisual industry, to break down the borders they have encountered and to make proposals for improvement, creating a network of support and exchange for future collaborations on an axis that crosses that crosses whole of Europe, from its eastern to its western border.

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