Invidual residencies / Olot


From Monday, 21 December 2020 to Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Pianista i compositora


Pianist and composer, Clara Peya is considered one of the most original and unique creators that have appeared in recent times in the spanish music scene. She has a frenzied biography that goes from music, to theater and activism. This 2019 she has been recognized with the National Culture Award in Catalonia and her last record ‘Estómac’ (Satellite K, 2018) received the award of Best Album of the Year  by Enderrock Magazine.

Musically, Peya is unclassifiable: she swings between chamber music, jazz, pop and electronics, always keeping the piano as the gravity center.

She is energy and feeling in its pure state and has a great commitment with freedom: of form, style and gender. Her personal way of playing has made her become one of the most scenic and transgressing Catalan pianists.
A contagious and torrential artistic personality that spreads throughout the stage and beyond.

She is a declared feminist and defines herself as “restless, visceral, intense and transcendent”. Clara Peya flees from clichés and, above all, believes in the power of art to denounce “my music is romantic-contemporary or punk-romantic.” Music is everything for her, she uses the piano to express herself, to convey ideas and to be free.


During my stay at Faberllull we will be doing an artistic residency in El Torín (Olot) to rehearse the music and the staging of mu new project 'PERIFÈRIA' (my eleventh album) that I will be released in February 2021 and with which I will start an international tour throughout 2021 and the first half of 2022.

The welcoming and the treatment received from the Faber Llull team during the three days
of artistic stage that we did in El Torín venue in Olot to develope the new project of the pianist
Clara Peya, was amazing.
We spent most of the time in the venue rehearsing all the artistic and technical aspects of
Clara’s last album show. We just took a few breaks to take some fresh air so, the fact that we
had the accommodation, breakfast and dinner under Faber Llull responsibility, made much
more comfortable those three intense days. It really was an immeasurable help, both
logistically and financially, as this allowed us to be able to focus much more on the work that
had to be done on the stage and therefore meant a great benefit for the end result of the
Apart from the accommodation, we were very grateful to have access to the common space
offered by Faber Llull in the same hotel. This allowed us to finish the day all the team together
in one same private space where we can share the issues of that day and lay the groundwork
for the next day. The welcome and concern shown by the Faber Llull team for the artistic
development of the project was very significative and it allowed a smooth and easy
development of the stage.
Indeed, the collaboration with Faber Llull has been an indispensable support for us to be able
to develop the live performance of Clara Peya's new album ‘Perifèria’.

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