Collective residencies / MATHEMATICS / Olot


From Monday, 27 February 2017 to Saturday, 11 March 2017



He is a mathematician currently working at the University of Jena. He started research in low-dimensional topology with his diploma thesis at university of Frankfurt. In his PhD at Strasbourg (supervisor: Vladimir Turaev), he used techniques from discrete optimisation and knot theory to obtain results on triangulations of the 3-sphere and convex 4-polytopes. He then used computer algebra to tackle problems in low-dimensional topology. A project on the computation of modular cohomology rings of finite groups led him to work on the SageMath computer algebra system. He currently has a teaching position at the University of Jena.


Improve the capabilities of the SageMath computer algebra system in non-commutative algebra, low-dimensional topology and discrete and convex geometry. This involves the implementation of new algorithms (most noteworthy a non-commutative F5 algorithm), on the one hand, and the connection between existing pieces of software, on the other hand. In particular, I am interested in establishing a reliable interface between SageMath and Polymake, which at the moment is not available.

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