Collective residencies / DANCE / Olot


From Sunday, 12 March 2017 to Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Artist, dancer and choreographer


Greta Bernotaité is an interdisciplinary artist, dancer and choreographer. Physical, political, social, bio-chemical, ephemeral and limited body as well as a way of treating it, is a common theme in her projects. Greta is founder of Meno Propaganda, a magazine about Lithuanian modern art scene. Her works have been exhibited in Lithuania, America, China, France and Spain. Greta started working with her body as an art object since 2012. Performance closely interacts with personal life, boundaries are frequently lost on the way.


During the stay Iamb going to work on creating a solo performance. Leaving traces and performing without a trace. I’m interested about boundaries between art performance and choreography project. I will continue my interest in Butoh and will develop project ‘Uncomfortable spacing’. The project holds a question if movement is limited by spaces and cities or can freedom of expression exist just anywhere? I’m open to collaboration and taking part in project Labranza, produced by Raül Perales. I will be holding performative movement workshops to Cor de Maria students.

Nature and a pleasant work environment in Faber

First thing I noticed when I arrived to Faber was the breathtaking nature of Catalunya: sunny mountains of Olot in spring gave me a lot of positive energy. Another great part in Faber was the people. We used to have shared dinners, open classes and discussions about work with other residents, people sharing same field of interest in dance. Also there were dance critics, Ibis and Teresa. I was happy to discover on-going projects of Lior, Meagan and Lamajara collective. I have presented solo-performance, Uncomfortable spacing. Surroundings and audience were active elements in developing the concept of this peace, which was created during the residency period.

I gave four workshops addressed to Secondary school students of Cor de Maria school –the teachers Servand and Bea were great supporters. After the workshops I had interesting conversations with former director, filmmaker Servand, currently teaching art. We both found an agreement that movement, improvisation, research on self-identity is very important and should be taught in every school. Workshops were focused on individuality, performative body, self-confidence and tolerance. I am happy to have had a chance to work with different age groups in Olot: teenagers and Primary school students. I got to know dancer and teacher Sílvia Brossa and she invited me to get to know The Horses class (primary school students) in Petit Plançó. I held an movement improvisation workshop. Children were polite and present, full of freedom and energy in their movement. They made a reflection after the class and I was given beautiful drawings.

Unfortunately residency period ended before Sismògraf festival. I hope to attend this event in the following years. I am grateful to Faber for giving conditions to work. The theater of Olot opened the doors for us with rehearsing spaces and we had a private studio in Els Catholics. Faber Residency of Arts, Sciences and Humanities of Catalonia is a great project and I wish Francesc and Gavina all the best to continue it.

More photos about Greta’s work at Faber here.

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