Collective residences


From Sunday, 21 May 2017 to Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Editor, PhD Candidate in Journalism


Margarita is a multi-skilled journalist, editor and media researcher with the focus on new technologies, education, business and culture. She has three higher education degrees (in Linguistics, Public Relations, and Mass Communication and Journalism) and is now doing her PhD research at the University of Tampere entitled “Media can lie but they cannot “true”: How transnational hybrid media construct the truth about global crises in the post-truth digital era. The case of the Syrian conflict.” Apart from pursuing her research career, she is also an active freelance journalist and editor with such media in her portfolio as Business Insider (Finland), Rolling Stone (Russia), the Cointelegraph (UK), TNT TV Channel (Russia), TechWeek Europe, plus numerous blogs and local magazines.


In Faber she seeks to arrange two types of activities that will benefit both the residents and her own research. On the one hand, a talk (based on the summary of the IPI World Congress hottest discussions), which will cover, for example, Journalism Beyond Spin & Propaganda: How Can Truth Stand Out and Alternative Facts How to Debunk False Information on Social Media. On the other hand, discussion with other residents and participants of New Journalism course (based on her personal research). The aim of these activities is to trigger a debate on the key issues related to New Journalism in the post-truth era.

Notícies, articles i activitats

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