Collective residencies / ROBOTICS III / Olot


From Wednesday, 6 May 2020 to Tuesday, 12 May 2020

EdTech Entrepreneur and Strategic Industry Advisor
Stanford (California)


​Kathy Giori is an EdTech and IoT Entrepreneur, working to promote the adoption of more open source software and hardware learning opportunities around the world. Her goal is to evangelize and teach physical computing principles not just to privileged communities, but also under-served ones. Her favorite tool for teaching how to make IoT devices is MicroBlocks. For deeper dives she uses PlatformIO. Her favorite tool for managing IoT device networks is the privacy-respecting WebThings Gateway by Mozilla.

Kathy most recently worked for Mozilla, and before that held senior product positions at Arduino, Qualcomm, a few startups, and began her career in research at SRI International. She holds a bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, and a Masters in EE from Stanford.


I can’t wait to take more deep dives into physical computing, with my colleagues from Spain and elsewhere. FABER is a magical place to gain inspiration and exchange ideas. I share a passion to teach others about technology, and I look forward to improving my skills. I’ll be programming microcontrollers using MicroBlocks, and managing them via the WebThings Gateway, by Mozilla. Instrumenting our world through physical computing technology can keep us safer and healthier, enable more efficient use of natural resources, make our lives better through convenience, and even help us combat climate change.

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