Collective residences


From Friday, 8 May 2020 to Sunday, 10 May 2020

Secretary of Digital Government of the General Pueyrredón and Systems Analyst


José Luis Dranuta has been Secretary of Digital Government of the General Pueyrredón, Mar del Plata, Argentina, Party since 2019. Born in Buenos Aires, he is a Systems Analyst and a Bachelor of Education with a specialization in Technology. He worked in national and international companies and was a consultant to the World Bank and the European Union. He lived in Spain for 5 years, where he advised companies and municipalities on issues of technology, data protection and information transparency.

He’s been a senior lecturer for 30 years. He is a lover of football and tennis, and has a particular hobby: in his home he built a robotized hydroponics greenhouse, for the self-sustaining and sustainable production of homes with healthy food and renewable energy.

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