Invidual residences


From Monday, 26 October 2020 to Friday, 6 November 2020

Film Maker and researcher between the Japanese and Arabic language and culture


​Ammar Obeid was born in 1993, in Al Suwayda city in Syria, He is based in Berlin since 2017, where he currently works as an independent artist exploring visuals and sounds, through mediums such as short and documentary films, image making as well as experimental music, his work focuses on complex questions about migration, integration and traumas influence and effects on individuality of human behavior and the tools used for communication. 

Obeid holds a bachelor degree in japanese literature from Damascus University, one of the main elements that influences and improves his practice as an artist, his focus now is on the production of the film “I was here” which tells the story of a Syrian migrant through japanese instruments of storytelling using the mediums of Ghibli. 

Obeid aims to continue his practice and studies in film directing, where he feels the freedom to create within the framework of a collective based practice, also to follow his needs to communicate visually and interact with the audience of his films.


​Teaching Language from Inside to Outside. That idea from Ammar Obeid, who began to think about it after he learned three language like Japanese and English and German in horrible situations, like a war in Syria while he studied Japanese in Damascus university and the refugee way to Germany while he used English in the road to save his group from any wrong till his experience with learning Germany from camp to camp till he reaches berlin and began kind of stable life.

All of this misery drove Ammar to find a new way which is purer to teach the languages that he knows especially the Japanese and Arabic (his native language ) 

He based on his way from teaching a language from inside to outside to the breathing exercises from Wim Hoff as a tool to activate the resources of the unconsciousness of every human after he gets exposed to the language calligraphy history in the first stage and  some example of the language vocabulary in the next stage  till he has the freedom in the third stage to read by his invisible mouth  what he wrote by his invisible pen on his invisible board  inside himself  and to write in the end the language that he has it inside him on a piece of paper to find a great kind of art and to be the motivation for any person to begin his way to learn a language that he loves, Ammar get experienced this way with a few people and he got amazing results and he would love to share the new updated experience with the members who love to be a part of it from Faber linguistic rights residency.

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