Collective residencies / Cinema Lliure Connecta / Palma


From Monday, 15 November 2021 to Sunday, 21 November 2021

Social educator in Fundació Social La Sapiència
Palma, Mallorca


Eugenia Fernández Sampedro, Palma (Mallorca, Spain) was borned on november the 10th in 1998. She studied a mid-level course of nursery but soon after that she got interested in more artistic issues. As she worked as a nurse, she studied a Higher Degree in Audiovisuals at CEF (Escuela de Artes Audiovisuales), a technical training center.

After she finished her studies she started working in the sanity and audiovisual industries. She works as an educational coach at La Sapiència, a social foundation for the well care of homeless people. At the same time, she works as a first assistant director for the short film Mesa para dos, 2021, by Clara Vizcaino, as well as production assistant for the short film Un parell de cançons després, 2021, by Jaume Carrió. As a freelance she works on audiovisual content for the social media of the fashion label for kids Moraduix.

Nowadays she's trying to raise her very own fiction project called En los ojos de Victoria, a short film about sexual freedom in the age of social media.


This project aims to be a reflection of the way we, the women, live nowadays. 'White Balance' tries to put on the table the differences between women and men from a professional point of view in the audiovisual industry. From the title itself, from a metaphoric point of view, I try to express the lack of parity, but at the same time, the will to adjust this difference in order to make it even.

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