Collective residencies / DANCE / Olot


From Monday, 13 March 2017 to Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Contemporary dancer, choreographer and a dance educator


Lior Lazarof is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and a dance educator. After finishing her studies for B.Dance and teaching certificate in “The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance” she moved to Hungary and was chosen as resident artist in L-1 association(H) for year 2017. Lior participated in dance festivals in Israel and in Europe as a performer and choreographer with her recent works, “Many Openings and Many Hollows” and “I saw a fish in the river (it had some of you in it)”. Lior has collaborated in projects with artists from different disciplines, researching the space and time as an abstract, using the body’s ability to transform, evolve and recycle itself constantly.


During my stay in Faber I will work on a new dance piece and engage a local school, sharing my experience and perception of movement with the students. I desire to arise a dialog between my work and these immediate encounters. I will be exploring the border point between my body’s physical borders and a defined space. Researching the way the perception of space and time structures the form my body moves and the tendency they make their mark on my body to make me who I am. Examining time not as a linear line (from birth to death), but finding it’s voids in order to manipulate and reconstruct it.

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