Invidual residences


From Tuesday, 13 October 2020 to Friday, 23 October 2020



Gabi Martínez (Barcelona, 1971) is a writer. In 2020 he has published Un cambio de verdad, based on his experience as a shepherd in La Siberia Extremadura. His latest novel is Las defensas, chosen among the best of 2017. En la barrera and Sólo para gigantes were chosen as the best non-fiction books in the Spanish language in 2012 and 2011 respectively. Sólo para gigantes was runner-up for the Valle-Inclán Prize awarded by The Society of Authors in London for the best translation from Spanish to English. All its work makes singular attention to the relations between the individuals and the environment, the landscape, the physical surroundings. This is how he came up with the project Animales invisibles, about which he has published a first book and is working on two more. Some of his other books are Voy, Los mares de Wang, Sudd and Una España inesperada. His work has been translated into ten countries.

He has co-written the docuficcions Ordinary Boys and Angels & Dust.

He is a founding member of the Asociación Caravana Negra para la difusión de la cultura y la naturaleza (Black Caravan Association for the dissemination of culture and nature) and of the Fundación Ecología Urbana y Territorial (Urban and Territorial Ecology Foundation), which defends the establishment of superblocks.


In the residence I will work on the second volume of the project Animales invisibles, which I am developing with the archaeologist Jordi Serrallonga. I travel around the world in search of difficult animals —or impossible— to see because they are mythical, extinct or very few remain, with the idea of explaining to them their environment. To Faber I will write about the last trips in search of the evil (marsupial of the Australian west coast), the lion-tailed macaque (Kerala, India) and the mylodon (Argentinean Patagonia).

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